Modernity may be properous, multi-cultural and peaceful for many, but the people are living a narrowly educated and individualistic dream towards ecological disaster. The humanity system idea explained in a new book Changing the World is our next step to enhanced understanding and action. Consider this for the sake of your descendants, if not yourself if you are young.


Michael Tuckson is now a writer and publisher. Having begun adulthood as a university student, researcher and tutor, for most of his life he was a human affairs and environmental consultant, but also worked for government-state in Australia.  


He studied for degrees in geology (BSc hons, SU), stratigraphy-palaeoecology (PhD, UNSW) and human geography (MA, Macq). He tutored in these subjects and in the history and philosophy of science.  


He has worked as a teacher, advisor, and manager on multifarious projects inThailand, Laos and Australia with government-state, companies, the United Nations, NPOs, International Banks and the Mekong Commission. The work included catchment planning and management, poverty reduction, human resource development, rural water supply, soil salinity, microfinance, community development, agricultural extension, groundwater exploration and irrigation, and urban waste management.  


He stopped writing Changing the World and other books to write and set up a website in October 2009 in response to the growing alarm reflected in the latest scientific research.

"The organization of all this material into the humanity system gave me a comprehensive and integrated understanding of all the elements that impel our existence on this planet. I really look forward to the publication of this extraordinary work” Ross Tzannes, Lawyer and Conservationist

"Changing the World should  be required reading for all policy professionals of the world in public, corporate and non-government sectors. The
world would be a  better place for it". Nalin Gunasekara, Strategy Analyst, Royal Dutch Shell, Mitsubishi.